Questions and Answers About The Challenge

  1. Why golf?
    Golf provides a whole new way to look at selling. Selling for results, like golf, requires an objective, a strategy to achieve it, an ability to handle obstacles … and lots and lots of practice to achieve a winning score!
  2. Why 9 holes?
    The 9 holes in Play link to 9 key sales skills in Practice.
  3. I’m a non-golfer. Will Go for the Green Selling Challenge work for me?
    Absolutely! You don’t have to be a golfer to get full value from the Challenge.
  4. Is Go for the Green Selling Challenge a game?
    Not exactly. It’s a powerful new on-line sales skills booster that compares selling skills with golf skills.
  5. Can I practice my sales skills without playing?
    You sure can! Launch Practice to practice your skills.
  6. Can I sharpen my sales skills before I play?
    Great idea! You’ll improve your score by practicing before you play! Launch Practice to sharpen your skills on the Challenge’s skill path, Caddie Track.
  7. How does Caddie Track help me?
    Caddie Track helps you position 9 key sales skills to sell more
  8. My company uses a CRM. How does Go for the Green Selling Challenge work with it?
    The Challenge supports your CRM. It adds 9 key personal sales skills to help you sell more.
  9. We don’t have a defined sales process or CRM.
    You can use the Challenge’s skill path, Caddie Track, as your sales process.
  10. Can I work on my closing skill with Go for the Green Selling Challenge?
    Yes. Select Course Map in
    Practice; then, select Skill 8: Sink Putt/Close.
  11. Will Go For The Green Selling Challenge help me understand my customers and their needs better?
    Yes! The Challenge focuses on the skills you need to understand and satisfy your customers’ needs.
  12. Can I check out sales skills while I’m answering quizzes?
    Yes. Open Go for the Green Selling Challenge in 2 windows: one for Practice and one for Play.
  13. How are my sales skills scored?
    Your skills are scored on a real time scorecard in Play.
  14. Can I go back to change my quiz responses in Go for the Green?
    Sorry! Just like golf, you can’t go back to replay a stroke…or change a quiz response.
  15. Do my golf skills affect my score?
    Not exactly. Your responses to sales skill quizzes determine your score.
  16. Will Go for the Green Selling Challenge improve my golf game?
    Not sure … but when you apply its sales skills, you’ll sure improve your selling game!