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Sell More with Customer Focus

Have you noticed that selling needs to be a whole lot more customer focused these days? The personal side of selling and customer focus are so important now that my next series of blogs is all about ways we can improve our “customer focus”.

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Sure, products and features are important, but they need to be combined with a strong customer focus to get you a winning formula for results. Today it really is all about your customer!

So where do we start with customer focus?

Well, we all know each of our customers is unique, that customers’ needs and expectations vary widely. Because of this uniqueness, each customer presents a different selling challenge for us. To meet the challenge, our goal should be to personalize our product approach and message to each customer. To do this, we’ll need to get to know our customers as people first so we can relate to them easily and quickly.

How do we do this?

Looking for common areas of interest is a great start to connecting with your customers on a more personal level:

Customer and sales woman getting to know each other.


  • How do they spend their free time?
  • What about family?
  • Where do they vacation?
  • What do they do for fun?
  • What do they read?



Answers to these questions and others give valuable clues for keeping your selling interactions focused on your customer first before moving to products and features.

Next time, more ways you can keep your selling interactions customer focused.

Until then,

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The Challenge Story is all about how we developed our online sell more learning product. It was originally posted on eLearning Brothers’ blog. eLearning Brothers is one of the key suppliers for Go for the Green Selling Challenge.

How It All Started

Our mission was to create a fun new way to help salespeople sell more. We planned to use key selling concepts from our Power Selling seminar series and make them  accessible online to expand our market reach.

But…how to do it?

Our Product Vision

Home Page of Go for the Green Selling Challenge

Well, most  salespeople love golf. It’s competitive, fun and it challenges their personal skill. What’s more, both selling and golf  require preparation, planning and practice to maximize personal performance. So why not create an online product with a golf theme to help salespeople sell more?

A golf themed product  would be fun and a cool way to help salespeople sharpen the selling skills they need to sell more!

We could call the product “Go for the Green Selling Challenge”. We could make it a forum where selling skills are refreshed and practiced; then, played and scored, all in a virtual golf setting. It would help anyone sell more…learn selling skills, practice selling skillsscore selling skills…and have fun doing it.


We started the lengthy product development process to link selling skills with golf. First came skills learning, Practice.

We developed and story boarded 9 key selling skills compared to 9 holes of golf.

With Practice in progress, we moved on to Play.


…a major hang-up in our development process.

How to develop Play for skills testing? We needed a golf game for a fun way to test skills learned in Practice.  We knew there had to be a solution online…some kind of golf game template where we could plug in our Play quizzes and do some customizing to fit our Practice content.

Go for the Green: First Screen

Our search found several golf site templates, golf scoring templates and, finally, eLearning Brothers’ Golf Challenge game template.

We worked our way through their template demo. It looked perfect:

  • it was built around a 9 hole course, an exact fit for our 9 sales skills
  • the graphics were fun and colorful
  • it was 100% customizable, and
  • it could be uploaded to our site to create the Play component we were after!


We soon discovered the template was just the beginning.

eLearning Brothers’ custom development team offered responsive support way beyond our expectations. Their knowledge, experience and support allowed us to build Play to fit our product vision exactly.

Later in development, when users wanted more Play quizzes, they came up with a creative way to expand the golf template’s functionality and give our users what they were looking for. The Brothers sure made us look good!

Their golf game template became an integral part of our first Go for the Green Selling Challenge product. We also used the template’s graphics on our site and throughout Practice to integrate it visually with Play.

Every day we work with Go for the Green Selling Challenge and our site, we realize how lucky we were to find eLearning Brothers and their golf  game template. Their awesome team and their  template made it possible for us to realize our product vision and take our whole new concept live.

Thanks eLearning Brothers! We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Sell Alphabet: Salesperson enjoying interacting with customer

I like to use a Sell Alphabet to keep my focus on people in every selling situation.

The Sell Alphabet I use is based on the 7 letters in “people”. It highlights my core beliefs about selling and selling people.

Capital Letter P

comes first because selling people first is the key. Selling people first, integrated with your sales process, drives performance and results…every time.

Capital Letter E

ngage your prospects and customers on their terms. They’ve usually done their own research by the time they get to you. Use that to engage them through questioning so you can start where they are. Once you’ve discovered what they’ve learned and what they’re after, you can:

Capital Letter O

pportunity. Selling people first is your opportunity to get to know your customers as individuals so you can further build positive relationships with them. When you know and understand your customers as individuals, you will gain  their trust. Once they trust you, they become much more willing to make a positive buying decision.

Capital Letter P

ersonal sales skills. The more highly developed yours are, the greater your selling success. Work to improve them every day. With solid personal sales skills, you avoid becoming just a “data miner” focused only on numbers. Keeping the personal touch brings you results…and makes all your selling activity even more rewarding.

Capital Letter L

earning. Every day is a learning day in selling. Make learning one of your top priorities. What to learn?

As you learn more and more about selling, your market and your customers, you’ll be able to refine and improve your personal sales process.

Capital Letter E

xpertise, the natural outcome of Learning, begins with mastery of your personal selling skills. Applying them with a customer focused strategy and sales process leads to your personal sales success, helping you produce more sales…faster.

So that’s my Sell Alphabet for selling The Word People.

What Sell Alphabet are you using?

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